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Winspy Keylogger Free Download

Key loggers are widely used nowadays to protect computer systems from unwanted activities by taking record of all the keystrokes that were entered in a computer. The logs are saved in an encrypted file, which requires a password to ensure that only the administrator will be the one who will be able to view the log report. This software can operate either visible or invisible depending on the setting selected. There are many types of soft wares of key loggers that can be used for a variety of reasons and by different people in the society.

Winspy Key Logger is the most commonly used Key Logger in the United States. One reason for this is that it is a free software program that is available on most websites that offers free download. The Winspy Key Logger also has satisfactory consumer reviews. This is manufactured by BC Technologies with a good quality.

Through the Winspy Key Logger, the administrator can monitor a PC or multiple remote PCs on a single network. Winspy operates while it is hidden from the view of the computer user so that they will not be aware that the keystrokes being entered are recorded into a log and for avoiding unwanted removal or termination of the program. Winspy comes with a tool for screen capture, also cam capture and a key recorder, and e-mail alert with the use of keywords. The key recorder also has an e-mailer, which can be used by the administrator to send e-mail alerts whenever an unwanted log is detected. The Winspy also features a folder hider, not just the usual setting offered by Windows, but one that virtually erases the folder from the viewer. In addition, this software has the ability to monitor network to network and a bonus, task clearer utility. Other utilities like archive utility and a remote installer is also made available. This same program can do remote PC monitor, track PCs, and allow remote webcam to stream.

File deletions in computers that have the software Winspy key logger is an ultra-secure system which has the special ability to find and eliminate spywares on your computers. The latest version of the Winspy key logger, which is Version 9.3, features SMS Alerts for webcams and a website management program that allows and blocks specific websites according to preference using a specific keyword that can only be known by the administrator.

As in most key logger soft wares, the proper use of Winspy key logger depends upon the administrator or the one who downloaded and installed it into the computers. Responsible use is required so as not to violate other people’s privacy without the authority to do so, just like in internet cafes where key loggers are used to hack the email accounts and password from the unsuspecting owner. Everyone must keep in mind that these softwares are manufactured for everyone’s good and not to violate anybody’s rights, which is so often misunderstood. Therefore, anybody that uses Winspy software should do it responsibly.

Click Here to download. It is professional keylogger software and is not free.