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Keystroke logging

Keystroke logging (more often called keylogging or "keyloggers") is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. It also has very legitimate uses in studies of human-computer interaction. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to acoustic analysis.

Software-based keyloggers

Learn About the Harmful Computer Security Threats

There are varied computer security threats annoying the users. The security issues are not only limited to large companies with range of employees. It is a cause of concern even for a person who holds a single PC with internet connection. Users are vulnerable to security attacks that can be Trojan horses or viruses.

Awareness-Keylogger Facts and Facets

Key logger program is normally used to record and analyze all the keystrokes that may be been entered by the user on their personal computer. Key logger can be software or hardware. Basically, the intent is spying on the work done on the personal computer. With this program, a person can monitor the use of the computer and the specific purposes for which the computer is used.

Ensure Your Children’s Safety From Internet Social Media

It is vital to ensure your children’s safety from internet social media. There are several social networking websites that have gained raging popularity. The users of such websites are people from all age groups. Such social networking websites undoubtedly provides you loads of friends both old and new.

Investigation Of A Web Application Assail

A web application assail can occur if the security is tampered by the hackers. You need to conduct proper investigation about the assault over web applications. The hackers often are in search of new methods for the conciliation of the security of applications on the web. However, they adopt different patterns with every attempt of their attack.

Understand The Basics Of Internet And Computer Monitoring Programs

The internet and computer monitoring programs are helpful in maintaining security and keeping a look. There are programs available for helping your to keep your kids safe from predators on the internet. They can help in blocking the indecent websites and material on the internet. They may also help in knowing the things done by the employees by using the computer in the office.

Differences Of Parental Control Software And Employee Monitoring Software

For the purpose of spying, you can use the internet monitoring software programs. There are basically two kinds of spying software such as parental control software and employee monitoring software.

These software programs are created for the protection of vital information and data. The parental control programs are created for the online safety of the child. The parental control program is created for reporting and monitoring the child activities online. This can help in protecting the children from adult websites, predators and from revealing their personal data to outsiders.

The Consequences Of Purchasing Your Personal Associate Monitoring Computer Software

If you are able to buy your personal associate monitoring computer software, then you can work with wonders. There are several owners of company who depend on the web based packages for helping in growing their gross sales and earnings.

Know About The Hardware Keyloggers

The hardware keyloggers are devices that are provided to record the key strokes. There are both software and hardware devices keyloggers that can serve this purpose. Both the types of keyloggers can be owned legally in the USA and several other countries. Even though, such Keylogger devices hold the capability to get used in conducting fraud and identity theft. The software keyloggers are used most usually. The hardware devices are also getting used every day. They are most popularly used for public computers. The keyloggers hardware is often tough to search.

Make Optimum Utilization Of Best Free Antivirus Programs

It is true that a single vicious virus can infect your entire computer system. It can also expose all your private and financial information. It is vital to get the best free antivirus programs available in the market. There are various programs that can be the best to fight the virus and are completely free.

There are several companies that provide the free versions of the famous antivirus programs. Such programs are available for the home users. However, they offer the upgraded and advanced featured programs for the business and professional users.


Here are some logger softwares small and simple but working very well. ( Microsoft Windows only)

Download Free Keylogger

Download Free Screen Logger

If you want to make the loggers run automatically. I can send you the registry info on demand.

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